White Line Paint

Endurant Great White Line Paint is formulated for staying power on sports fields. The newest and best white athletic field paint, Endurant Great White marking paint, is a winner in its field.

Endurant is happy to take a bite out of the high demand for marking paint by offering Great White field marking paint.

Great White athletic field paints stays true to the Endurant reputation in turf paints with its enduring color and popularity among professional sports field managers, golf course superintendents and landscapers.

When what you need are sharp white lines and a dependable turf marking paint, count on Great White to be game day ready.


Endurant Great White Line Paint for Sports Fields

Applying Great White Line Paint to Athletic Fields

Endurant Great White Line Paint for sports fields is the ideal lasting line marking paint for striping on natural turfgrass, gravel, stone and dirt, among other surfaces.

It is ideal field paint for use on all athletic fields, including as softball field paint, baseball field paint, soccer field paint, football field paint,field hockey paint and marking paint for natural tracks and fields. Great White Line Paint may also be used as temporary marking paint on artificial turf or asphalt.

Apply Endurant Great White Line Paint to any surface where striping, marking or coloring is desired. Great White Line Paint is ready-to-use, highly concentrated white colorant.

Recommended Use

Apply to any natural field, such as turfgrass or dirt for striping theplaying field. May be applied to other surfaces for temporary marking

Applications Include:

  • Baseball and softball fields
  • Football fields
  • Soccer fields
  • Golf course
  • Track and field areas
  • Field hockey fields
  • Construction sites

Product Highlights:

  • Concentrated pigments for full coverage.
  • Fast drying. Dries to the touch in 30 minutes.
  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to clean. Wash immediately.

Applying Great White Line Paint

Recommended Use

Preparation for Application
Prepare the surface as needed, depending on whether it's grass, gravel, dirt, etc. Turfgrass applications can be most effective when mowing the grass first at a low height to permit the most colorant low to the ground surface. Remove debris from any surface before painting. Do not apply to a wet surface. Allow adequate dry times after the application. In most conditions, Great White sports field paint will dry to the touch within 30 minutes. Allow additional time in high humidity and low temperatures, under 50 degrees F. Protect from freezing. Stir the colorant before use.
Application rates will vary depending on the surface and desired results.

Application Method: Great White Line Paint is optimally applied using a line-marking machine. It can be sprayed in conventional sprayers and robots.

Do not dilute on first application. Subsequent coats can be diluted at rates of 2:1 for game-day ready turf or 3:1 on practice fields or for touch ups. Select pressures, nozzles and tips based on desired results and conditions.

Coverage: Endurant Great White covers 250-450 linear feet per gallon, and up to 900 linear feet for touch ups, on lines 4 inches wide.

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